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Integr8 Dance have many years of experience working in schools.

We are qualified, experienced, first aid trained and have insurances up to £10 million. We are on the Hampshire county council list of providers and regularly deliver workshops across Hampshire and Dorset.

We provide fun after school clubs, PE sessions and teacher training.

We tailor our programmes to each individual school and can tie in with the National Curriculum. We teach a wide range of styles and are specialists in Street dance, cheerleading and contemporary.

After school clubs

We currently have many clubs all over Hampshire offering, to over 500 young people, the opportunity to learn Street Dance, Cheerleading, Drama and Musical Theatre.

Our clubs can run for KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Usually they run for 1 hour after school but if your timetable is busy we also offer lunchtime clubs.

We realise that schools and teachers are very busy so we handle all of the administration ourselves. We write letters, take bookings and payments online and deal with parents directly.

Our after school clubs are very much integrated into school community. The dancers get involved with assemblies, cheering for sport teams and school fetes. All of our Street Dance school clubs are also invited to perform at a local theatre at the end of the school year. This is always a brilliant event bringing different schools together to celebrate their achievements.

Students love our after school clubs and they are always very popular,  particularly with children who aren’t involved in any other sports. We promote team work, healthy lifestyles and confidence in all of our students.

If your school is interested in an after school club then contact us today!

Teacher Training

Integr8 Dance are not only passionate about bringing dance to students, we believe it is equally as important to share and teach dance to primary and secondary school teachers. We provide teacher training and team building workshops which lets be honest… are so much fun!

Teacher training

In teacher training we cover the most important parts of a dance class.

Warm ups
Dance activities/ games
Basic dances and how to build them from scratch
Performance and confidence skills
Cool downs

Teachers get given plenty of material to feel confident in delivering a simple dance class to their students. We provide music, props……

Team Building

Team building days are extremely important for schools, from Headteachers to Teaching Assistants, the School Office to the Kitchen Staff. We can ensure that everyone will come together equally and learn some of the funkiest moves!
If your school would like just a one off class or would like to put together a performance to entertain your students we can tailor the workshop to meet you demands.

Dance in the PE Curriculum

The latest National Curriculum requires dance to be taught to all children at all Key Stages.

We are here to support your school, whether it is to provide regular classes taught by our trained teachers or giving your teachers the skills to teach the Curriculum themselves.

If you would like our classes to tie in with your existing planned curriculum we can work within your class topics, follow a story or provide dance from a time period or location. We supply all of the class planning sheets, music and equipment.

Some examples of lessons that we have taught in schools are:

  • Tudors
  • Egyptians
  • Dance through the ages
  • Country Dance
  • Carnivals
  • Castles
  • Musical Theatre
  • Underwater
  • Dances around the world
  • Rivers
  • Toy box
  • Zumba


We can also create your own bespoke dance programme for your school, we want to help as many schools reach their dance targets in the National curriculum.